Friday, May 16, 2014

April empties

'April empties?' I hear you say?  Yes I know it's now the middle of May but I am super super behind due to being unwell and then throwing myself back into work with a vengeance last week. 

Am still studying like a teenager sitting GCSE's but have a few posts scheduled now.  I did toy with whether to post this at all but it's written so hey.....

So here are my April empties and the best of the best of them.

The Standouts

Clinique Take The Day Off balm-You can read all amount this balm cleanser in my recent Evening skincare routine post but I think this no fuss, no nonsense cleanser is a great introduction into the world of balm cleansers.  Gentle but effective and safe to use round the eyes it's a brilliant first cleanse to remove your make up.  My top tip is to use a wet flannel to remove from the skin.

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes-Lancome mascaras are just brilliant, I don't think there is one I haven't tried and loved!  This mascara is great for a fluttery, separated look.  Keep your eyes peeled for a full post about this soon on my blog.  You can see it in action here if you don't want to wait that long.

Clarins Instant Eye Make Up Remover-I read about this on Vivianna Does Makeup absolutely ages ago and when Anna raves about something I am usually all over it.  I was definitely not disappointed.  This is a super effective bi-phase eye make up remover that breaks down even the toughest mascara (and I tend to use a primer, mascara and then waterproof top coat).  Nothing is too much of a match for this bad boy.

Tarte Lipsurgance Lip Tint in Glee-I really love the formula of the Tarte Lipsurgance lip tints-they have a satin finish, last ages on the lips and are totally non drying.  The pencil makes application a cinch as you just colour in your lips-the pencil won't tug at all.  The colour is very saturated and rich-Glee is a vibrant mid toned pink.

Daniel Sandler Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Femme-I have a whole post dedicated to this lipstick here so for swatches and an in-depth review just click the link.  This lipstick really blew me away and the colour is so unique-it's like a deep raspberry shot with gold, just stunning.  The formula is glossy and moisturising. 

Sadly both this lipstick and the Tarte lip tint met a premature end and succumbed to the Dubai heat when I left my make up bag in the car overnight and they both snapped the next day-to be fair both were stubs but when two of your favourite lipsticks basically die in one day it can be devastating.

Do let me know if you would like to know anything about any of the other products I used up and photographed above.  My empties posts were becoming so long and boring I just stick to the standouts for review now.

For the record, I definitely wouldn't repurchase the Nivea eye make up remover, terrible stuff.



  1. Great post :) I did feel your pain when you described the 'death to lipsticks' scenario....been there :(

    Hope you're feeling better now

    LIs x

  2. Good luck for your exams! I'm sure all your studying will pay dividends :-) It's sad to hear about your lipsticks' premature end, but I'm secretly envious - I've got two favourites almost down to the bottom at the moment, and it seems like they will just *not* finish, LOL!

  3. They do SUCH fab mascara Bea honestly-highly recommended! xx

  4. So many nice empties, Stacey! Glad you loved the Clinique balm so much and your raves for the Daniel Sandler lipstick remind me that I have Micro Red and need to give it a go, pronto! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. Aaah Stacey is home! Welcome gorgeous. Ok so eye make up remover wise, I could not agree more, Clarins is the current queen of the parade. I used a Nivea one way back and it was one big eye sting smudger! I've not tried this Clarins balm although I have the gel melt which is uhmezzy. RIP lipsticks.
    Love Kate xxx

  6. Wow that is yet another impressive list of empties and I have had my eye on Lancome Hypnose for ages and ages I just never ever seem to run out of mascara oops xx

  7. MacandCheese Antonia MAugust 30, 2014 at 9:38 PM

    So good to see you back Stacey. Missed you. XxMac & Cheese :) xx

  8. Hey Stacey, good luck with your exam!

    We are FINALLY getting the Clinique cleansing balm here! I'm so excited! Have been using it for the past couple of days, and it just works! Nothing fancy or potentially irritating. It just works! I think I am already a fan :)

  9. I'm on the look out for a new mascara so I may try the Lancome one :) I hope you're starting to feel better soon Stacey!

    Bea x

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