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The top 13 of 13

Top 13 of 13

Finally I've had a spare 5 minutes to share with you my top 13 of 13-the products that rocked my world in 2013!

Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer

Even though I haven't dedicated much space to this little drugstore gem on my blog I am loving this creamy concealer from Rimmel which banishes under eye shadows and conceals pesky spots.  The formula is just thick enough to provide great coverage without ever clogging.  

Smashbox Photofinish foundation primer

It may be silicone heavy but this is the best primer I have used for smoothing and blurring the skin, providing a near flawless canvas to apply your foundation on top off-and keep it there all day.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (Diffused Light)

Much hyped and adored, I own 5 of the 6 Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders launched this year.  So far I have used Diffused and Dim light-both being exceptional at setting your make up and managing to make you look just that tiny bit more glow-y, radiant and healthy.

Clinique Take The Day Off Balm

Recently raved about in my December Empties post here, I think this was my favourite cleanser discovery of 2013.  Massive effective at removing make up, gentle on the skin and no nasty ingredients.  And not too pricey either.

Sara Happ Lip Scrub

The saviour for dry, chapped, flaky lips-this exfoliating gel leaves you with smooth as silk, flake free, kissable lips in moments.  It lasts forever, smells incredible and isn't harsh or drying on the lips (Lush lip scrub I am looking at you).  I have Green Apple, Red Velvet and Lemonade.  I am obsessed.  This product absolutely saved my lips whilst I was in the UK-my lips were so dry and flaky but this sorted the problem in mere seconds.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

This product literally changed my skin in 2013.  You can read my full review here and see some (gruesome) before and after pictures.  If you suffer from spots, especially cystic hormonal spots I highly highly recommend you give this a try.

Seche Vite

Another product I haven't given airtime to on my blog but is truly brilliant.  The best top coat I have ever used by far, as soon as I used it I wondered why it had taken me so long to try it!!  It provides a glossy gel like finish and my nail polish just does not chip when Seche Vite is on top of it.

Clinique Bottom Lash mascara

Another recent discovery I raved about in this blog post and another product I wonder how I ever lived without.  Ridiculously simple to use, this bottom lash mascara really opens and frames my eyes and does not budge or smudge all day.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye

The only eye cream I have used where I have seen visible results in terms of fading dark circles, depuffing eyes and decreasing fine lines.  It has a light, cooling gel cream texture which absorbs easily.  It's very hydrating and contains many anti-oxidant ingredients.  I have already repurchased.

Butter London Yummy Mummy

My favourite nail polish of 2013 in terms of colour and formula!  Read my rave review about it here.  If you are looking for a nude nail polish, this could quickly become holy grail.

Christian Dior Rouge Dior lipsticks

Newly launched in 2013, I am now up to a count of 7 of these lipsticks with 3 more on the way to me from Selfridges.  I blame Sunny from Mostly Sunny for introducing me to these little beauties.  They're highly pigmented, massively hydrating and just the most beautiful colours.  Read my review of Darling (my current favourite) and Sterling Red here


My favourite mask of 2013, I love this thick, tingling green mud for achieving clear and glowing skin.  The mask is full of Volcanic rock minerals, french clay and green tea leaf and you can read my full review here.  Reading my own review back makes me want to go put some on now!!

You may have noticed there are only 12 products above.  My 13th and final favourite of 2013 was having permanent make-up in the form of having my eyebrows tattooed at Tracie Giles in London.

You can read my full review of the whole process and experience here but needless to say I am so glad I did it as it as I just feel so much more groomed.

Of the limited edition collections in 2013 my favourites were the MAC Temperature Rising Collection-I bought and love both eyeshadow quads, both blushers, one of the lipsticks and one gloss.  I also utterly love the Jo Malone 'Ginger Biscuit' perfume from the Sugar and Spice collection.  I have been wearing it to death during December.

My favourite 'I started doing in 2013' thing was double cleansing, double toning and using flannels when cleansing to ensure squeaky clean skin.

And I am still searching for my holy grail foundation.....that must be why I bought six of them in the UK.

Bring on 2014.......



  1. Ooo lots of lovely products to go and check out now. Oh how I wish I could afford the eyebrows, that would save so much time in the morning!! Yours look gorgeous! xx

  2. Great minds Lauren!! Let me know if you upgrade to the Creme De La Mer-never ventured into that brand (yet)... xxx

  3. Rimmel used to do a very good stick concealer years ago-must have used many sticks as a teenager!! I repurchased another Glamglow yesterday xx

  4. Hi Supria!!

    Let me know if you try any of them! The Rimmel is amazing for the price xxx

  5. Hi Ash, in they're totally different in formula-the Ren mask instantly adds radiance and is a mask you use once a week. The Alpha H is the texture of a toner and you sweep it over your skin after cleansing and leave on overnight. It disappears into your skin-you can't feel it. This one is a higher concentrate of glycolic acid and aims to smooth fine lines, combat spots and improve texture and tone-and you use it every other day.

    Rimmel really nailed the formula on that concealer! xx

  6. Really like the ANR-would recommend it for sure! Not heard anyone say a bad thing about the Rimmel WME-they have definitely nailed the formula! xx

  7. Ooo I love your list! Rouge Dior is one of my favorite formula too and I'm going to try to find that Rimmel concealer, I use and love one of theirs and it's now hard to find so this one could be a nice replacement. Glamglow has been on my list of products to try for a while now, because of you!!! :D

  8. I literally have so many favourites that are the same as yours! Clinique take off the day, smashbox primer, glam gloww. I love ANR eye, I've used it for years and gone through countless jars. But I'm tempted to step it up and order one from Creme De La Mer.... Dare I??

  9. Stacey, I wanna try so many products from your list, especially the Ambient lighting powder and Rimmel concealer.
    I love Liquid Gold too, recently bought it on a BOGOF offer from feelunique :D

  10. Liquid Gold is much needed in my life. Does that compare to the REN Glycol...something mask? I was thinking of getting that one. Love Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and everything else you posted about. I either love it or I want it, haha!

  11. Hey! Stacey is my sister from another mister, cheeky Antonia!!

  12. I don't actually wear a primer anymore! Just a good moisturiser, then on with my foundation!

  13. I discovered 'Polyvore' today, first time I have ever done a collage like that-loved it! xxx

  14. I am so happy I did it, it was expensive but to me worth every penny. I had no 'tail' to my brows but now I do! I either just lightly fill with the Hourglass Brow Arch you love or with Mac Omega powder and I am good to go xx

  15. Get some Hourglass next time you're in the US-cheaper than the UK Which primers do you recommend? xxx

  16. Whoaa now I am tempted to have my brows tattooed on! It looks really natural! I bet you're happy you can fill them in much less now ;) Can't wait to read about the six foundations you got! xx

  17. Lovely post sooooo weird cos av just done a spreadsheet piccie like you about what I was loving from the sales (spooky sister from another mister maybe?) I adore my Lush lip scrub but just admit would love to try it. I agree love Wake Me Up. Xx

    Abitofmacandcheese.blogspot.co.uk xx

  18. Some fab products! I must try the Rimmel concealer. I have to disagree on a few though. Smashbox primer; i want to love it. It makes my foundation go on so smoothly but two hours later and I look like i'm dripping in lard :( And Seche Vite is amazing, but it just peels my nail varnish off :( Other than that, I love it!! Need the Hourglass powders, will have to pick one up soon!

    A xxx


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