Friday, January 17, 2014

MAC Magnetic Nude collection

I have this love/hate relationship with MAC these days.  When 'new' (and usually limited edition) collections launch I am forced to buy them online from the US/UK because they either a) don't come to Dubai at all or b) come to Dubai about 3 months after the US/UK launch.  It's frustrating because it means that I am buying 'blind', I can't touch and feel and swatch the product in store and rely heavily on online swatches.

My last big online MAC splurge of the limited edition Divine Night collection was a disaster and I sold all but one of the items in a blogsale.  It really put me off to be honest and I vowed to do my research properly before splurging again.

With that in mind, here we have my picks from the limited edition Magnetic Nude collection which is on sale now.  And yey, I am happy!

I love both the design and the texture of the one eyeshadow I picked up-Silver Dawn.  Mac describe it as a 'dirty grey mauve' and I have seen swatches online where the colour does pull mauve but on me it's a pretty clean dark silver.  I have used it above in my crease and outer corner.

The formula is kind of a hybrid of a cream and powder and a gel.  Yes sorry I know that is confusing!  It's really easy to blend and has no fallout.  This has a slightly metallic finish but is very buildable and blendable.  You kind of need to try it to understand it.  I am pleased with it though-it's not entirely unique but it's pretty and I got compliments at work yesterday when I wore it.

I picked up two of the Extra Dimension blushes.  Both are limited edition and share the same embossed pattern as the eyeshadow.

At Dusk looks very pale in the pan and will suit pale toned girls (I am NW15) and is described as a 'dirty cool pink'.  It's fairly cool toned and I had to build it up quite a bit on my cheeks to get it to show.

It has a satin finish-no shimmer thank goodness.  I don't think I suit shimmer on my cheeks very much.  I have seen it compared to Illamsaqua Naked Rose but Naked Rose is far more pigmented than this MAC offering.  But I find the Illamsaqua blush to be very powdery whereas the MAC blush is much smoother and harder.

Autoerotique is more pigmented and the sort of coral shade I love.  It reminds me of NARS Orgasm but without the shimmer.  This is a warmer tone than At Dusk and has a slight pink-ness to it.  I will wear this a lot although I probably have another 4 or 5 blushers  which are very similar (most of them from NARS-Amour, Soulshine and Daydream all spring to mind)

Overall I think I have this time managed to purchase extremely wearable shades that I will use over and over.  Doing my research obviously pays off!


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