Friday, October 25, 2013

Mac Retro Matte collection

Mac recently released a collection of Retro Matte lipsticks-some which would become permenant and some which were limited edition.

I loved RiRi Woo which is the same formula so chose 4 from Marc's new line.

Relentlessly Red is not red-well not in my opinion anyway.  It's a beautiful bright cerise with a velvet matte finish.  The most difficult to apply from the bullet as the formula is very stiff and tugs at the lips-but a lip brush does the job nicely.  A stunning colour-bold and daring but it's very pigmented and did stain my lips.  I applied this without moisturising my lips first and it did cling to any dry bits but did not make them any worse.  This shade is permenant.

Flat Out Fabulous is a blue toned magenta and unique to my lipstick collection.  The softest of the 4 and easiest to apply straight from the bullet.  Glossier in finish than Relentlessly Red and All Fired Up, it doesn't look like a matte lipstick.  Wear time was a massive 6 hours with even fading.  Again this shade is permenant.

Admittedly after 4 days straight of testing matte lipsticks my lips were feeling a bit dry!  This is the matte-est of the four and is a peachy nude.  I did experience a bit of flaking with this lipstick but that could be because I tested it last of all.  It's not my favourite, I am much more drawn to the bright shades in this line.  This is the only one of the four that was limited edition.

All Fired Up is similar to Relentlessly Red-a smidgen darker.  It's very similar in the finish-that lovely velvet matte.  Again I applied with a lip brush for a more precise line as it's quite dry in the bullet and again tugs at the lips.  But I think this is my favourite of the four.

In summary, these lipsticks are bold, bright and long lasting.  I highly recommend exfoliating and moisturising your lips before applying for the best and longest lasting finish.

Here's a cute picture of Ali guarding the lipsticks!


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