Friday, January 11, 2013

Cult Beauty Haul!

So my order from Cult Beauty arrived at my desk on Tuesday which makes me very happy!!

I've been hearing LOADS about Aesop and Aromatherapy Associates and I wanted to try some of their products-I've been watching vlogs by Anna at ViviannaDoesMakeUp and Estee at Essie Button who have both spoken highly about these brands.

As far as I know, neither of these brands are available here in Dubai so Cult Beauty delivering straight to Dubai (and deducting the VAT!) is the perfect solution for me.

Aromatherapy Associates and Aesop products

From Aromatherapy Associates I chose 2 bath and shower oils-one energising and one relaxing.  As I have said on a previous post, I am quite easily stressed, am a workaholic and always feel my mind is going a million miles an hour so 2013 is the year I try to control my stress levels!

The oils can be used in different ways and there are 20 applications per bottle.  They can be added to your bathtub or you can apply them neat to your skin before you shower (please note these are NOT recommended for pregnant yummy mummies to be)

I am hoping Revive will be the perfect morning pick me up for those mid week mornings when you're super tired and can't get out of bed-and to combat jet lag.  I have a lot of flights coming up in the first 5 months of 2013 (at last count 17!)

Revive contains a blend of pink grapefruit, juniper and rosemary to clear away cobwebs and put a spring in your step!  (I love the descriptions of products on the Cult Beauty website!!)

De-stress is for when my mind is racing and I can't switch off.  This blend contains lavender, rosemary and ginger for relaxation and restoration.

My skin has been a bit all over the place recently-probably a combination of bad diet, long haul flights and general festive season stress.  So from Aesop I purchased the Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish masque which contains chamomile which is well known for its soothing properties, tea tree leaf and evening primrose.  You can use it as a 10 minute or overnight mask (although I don't know how anyone manages to sleep with a layer of any product on their face).  The mask claims to reduce irritation and draw out impurities without disrupting your skins natural balance.  I'm looking forward to trying this product out tonight!

I also bought the much raved about Parsley Seed Facial Cleaning Masque.  This is also a clay based mask which will draw out impurities but it also contains soothing aloe vera and Rosehip and Parsley seed extract which delivers a big dose of anti-oxidants to perk up your skin. This is one to use before you go out as it balances oily/combo skins & perks up a gray or dull complexion.

Finally I bought the Ginger Flight Therapy roll on aromatherapy oil.  Cult Beauty say this brings calm, comfort and confidence whenever you need it (erm all the time!) and that a few drops will alleviate tension and fatigue and awaken the senses.  Great for long days in the office and post flight.  It can also help with travel sickness.

As always, when your order is over £25 you can chose 3 free samples and Cult Beauty had an offer on to receive Therapie Himalayan Detox Bath Salts which I am really excited to try!


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