Friday, January 11, 2013

Bath and Body Works Sale Haul

My name is Stacey and I am a candle-aholic.

Actually I have to blame Nuala over at Make up, Beauty, Shopping! for this haul-when my bank manager complains about the vast amounts I spent I'll just point him in her direction!!

Nuala's mum also lives in Dubai and before Christmas Nuala asked if I had any Bath and Body Works (BABW) recommendations because her mum was coming home for Christmas.  I had to admit I'd never been in.  But it got me thinking and so I did some research online and discovered they do amazing candles as well as everything you could need for erm the bath and body!

A 50% sale here in Dubai 'forced' me to go along and check it out and its safe to say I now own enough candles to see me through 2013!!

Candle Haul

Other bits haul

I bought 3 sizes of candles-the huge 3 wick ones, the medium size ones which I will pack when I am travelling for a bit of relaxation and the mini ones for round the bath.

3 wick candles

In the large size I bought Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Cranberry Pear Bellini, Spiced Cider and Japanese Cherry Blossom'.  I've duplicated some of these in the medium size candles and in the minis I bought 'Eucalyptus Mint, Drenched Apple and Spice'

The minis

As a rule, I like clean fruity, floral or vanilla scents and am not a fan of heavy, musky scents and these all smell amazing!

I also picked up a few other bits...

BABW haul

I picked up 2 body lotions in Warm Vanilla Sugar and Black Raspberry Vanilla and some of the Scentportable capsules for putting with my laundry to keep it fresh-you can throw them in handbags, gym bags, wardrobes, shoe cupboards, drawers etc.  I also bought the Sleep Honey Vanilla Dream bubble bath.  Unfortunately, I am quite a stress head, workaholic and find it difficult to switch off and one of my promises to myself for this year is to do my up most to relax and turn off my racing mind as much as possible!  Hopefully this will help!

BABW haul

I also picked up some of the Scentportable holders which hold the capsules, some gorgeous candle holders and a Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel.  Cherry is one of my most favourite smells.


Finally I picked up these lounge socks that are infused with shea butter-they're very Christmassy I think with their red and white stripe and are super super soft.  I also picked up this C.O. Bigelow Organics lip balm in Apple Jelly.  In my mind you can never have enough lip balm to keep your lips kissable and smooth!

I also picked up some of their antibacterial handwashes which come in the most amazing flavours and some room scents-like the glade plug ins.  Currently my lounge smells like 'a seaside escape' and my bedroom 'tropical breeze'

Everything I bought was in the sale at 50% off so I am super pleased with my bargains!  Would love to know if you've tried any BABW products and if you have any other recommendations for me!!


  1. I am extremely jealous of this haul. I wish Bath & body works was available over here in the UK.
    Amazing collection of things you got!! Love candles so much!

    1. They're amazing darling! Will defo be a regular customer xx

  2. Great haul! The Black Raspberry Vanilla line sounds amazing! And the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent is one of my favourites :)


  3. OMG What an amazing haul! :)
    Very jealous lol I sent my mum after I got your tweet and she's picked up a couple of candles for me, can't wait to find out what ones!
    Gonna tell her she got a mention on your blog lol ;) xxx

  4. Oh my word! Did you leave anything for other customers? So many pretty things!


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