Friday, November 23, 2012

Selfridges Lucky Bag

I've seen a LOT written about the Selfridges Lucky Bag.  I was practically weeing myself with excitement when they announced they were launching them-they have SO many great brands in the new Beauty Workshop hall in their London store.

So there is a bit of a story behind this so bear with me.

They launched online on Wednesday 14th November and I placed my order at 09:47 Dubai time (so that's like stupid o clock early in the UK).  I bought 2.  I was so excited!

I paid GBP9 for next day delivery, thinking I would send it to my mums work and it would arrive Thursday, latest Friday which was her last day in the office before she flew to Dubai to see us.

Let me say, I order from Selfridges quite a bit.  I think they are a great company.  I have never had a problem with them before, in fact I would praise their excellent service.  But on Friday I realised my order hadn't even been dispatched yet.  My initial thoughts were 'they must be so overwhelmed with orders for the Lucky Bag there is a delay' but then online reviews started to pop up-and a lot of them complaining about the GBP4.95 postage-and I'd paid almost double that and hadn't even got mine.  I emailed Selfridges and heard nothing.  On Saturday I got an automated email saying my order had been dispatched and then later on Saturday evening an email from Selfridges customer services apologising for the delay (but not saying why it had happened) and offering to refund the postage-if I rang them with my card details.  Now to be honest, if I call them from Dubai, the phone call is going to cost me more than the postage so I don't see the point.  However, has it put me off ordering from Selfridges 'No' and will I order from them again 'Yes'.

The parcel finally arrived at my mums work late on Monday afternoon which meant my dad had to trek down there to collect it, not ideal when they were leaving extremely early on Tuesday morning to fly to Dubai.

So, 4000 miles later and I receive my 2 Lucky Bags, looking a bit worse for wear but intact.

Selfridges Lucky Bags

Bag one contained

Anatomicals 'I've had the thyme of my life' body cleanser-300ml
Anatomicals 'Snog me senseless' minty tingling lip balm-full size I assume
Lucky Duck Creme Brulee Lip Balm-full size I assume
Beauty Junky face mask
A packet of tissues
Blink eyebrow shape gift card

Ok so I got one of the lucky gift cards for a service in-store but as I live in Dubai what use is this to me?  I am not complaining obviously but I will gift this voucher for a brow shape at Blink to whoever asks for it first by commenting on my blog.  Please just ask me for it.  My mum and dad will bring it back to the UK and post it to you.

But the rest of it??  Well these are my thoughts.

Without the gift card surely this bag is not worth GBP15?  When I go onto the Beauty Workshop website page none of these brands are even listed on there as being stocked.  I love lip balm but why put 2 in one bag?  And why oh why oh why did Selfridges think it would be a good idea to put tissues in a bag like this.  I just don't get it.  This is a bag for teenagers, not a 32 year old professional.  In fact I think my 4 year old niece would love the duck lip balm, I can hardly whip it out in my office can I?

Bag two contained
Beauty Candy
Bourjois 1 Seconde Dissolvant-full size
St Tropez Gradual Tan-Med/Dark-sample size
Ren Moroccan Rose Otto body wash-sample size
Nails Inc St James polish-sample
Lustrous Locks Vitamin Complex

I feel this one is slightly better but still, candy??  I have actually just run out of my 'Sephora' version of the Bourjois polish remover and I really liked that.  I am the palest girl in the world so the St Tropez won't work for me and I already have the Nails Inc polish (as it was in a Nails Inc set I got last Xmas)

It definitely hasn't wowed me at all-in fact I am pretty sure Selfridges will be putting this down as a massive fail on their behalf.  The thing I don't get is that there are SO many fab brands in the Beauty Workshop, why stock the bags with products that I would expect to pick up at Superdrug??

I actually went to purchase 4 more of these bags for 4 of my friends but at last minute (I was actually at the checkout online) I didn't-and I am glad because I think I would have been quite embarrassed to have given these as a gift.

Did you buy one?  What are your thoughts?


  1. Ooooo I will have it Stace! :o) Love the blog by the way absolutely FAB!

    1. Hiya Antonia, I'll send it to you sweetheart, mwah x x x

  2. Ah thanks so much Stacey! A trip to selfridges shopping is on the cards! :o) xx

  3. Stacey - The tissues... the beauty mask...I am shaking my head. Shame on Selfridges!!

  4. What an bag of unlucky products! Urgh!!! XXX


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