Sunday, November 11, 2012

7/11-a post for breaking up mid month boredom

My 7/11 posts will be my current 7 favourite beauty products on the 11th of each month-when pay day seems a long way away but we're not too skint yet that we're eating cold beans out of the can!

It's difficult to choose 7 but here are my current 'can't live without's'

1-Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste is an AMAZING product.  I have tried other dry shampoos but always come back to Batiste.  This is my current stash-you can buy Batiste in Dubai from Boots but you cannot buy the travel size versions which I find so useful when I am traveling and for in your handbag.  I brought all these back when I was in the UK recently (yes that really is 6 full size bottles and 15 travel size ones!!!)  It's cheap, it smells nice and totally refreshes your hair.  It comes in many varieties now including ones specifically for dark hair so it doesnt look like you've got Morticia style white streaks.  I have very fine, lank hair and I can't leave without Batiste and find it gives volume to my fine hair.  My favourite is the cherry!

2-Mac Gently Off Eye and Lip Make Up remover

This is a recent discovery for me.  I have used Mac Pro Eye Makeup remover and it irritated my eyes and I threw the bottle away.  I decided to give this one a try as it is a gentler formula.  Its dual-phase oil and water formula and includes cucumber and rose water extracts.  I love it!  Its extremely effective and non-irritating and although its oil based it does not leave behind an oily residue that I find you get with products like Lancome Bi-Facil or Garnier Make Up remover.   This remover costs GBP14 in the UK and about AED100 in Dubai.

3-Vaseline Limited Edition 'Pink Bubbly' Lip Therapy

I have tins of vaseline everywhere, I love the creme brulee version.  This was bought for me by my best friend when we were recently shopping together in Selfridges in London.  It's so lovely, smells divine and has a very very subtle tint.  It was exclusive to Selfridges and costs GBP5 but when I was in the UK a couple of weeks I think I also saw it in Boots.

Update; its now been reduced to GBP3.49 at Selfridges

4-Mac Crosswires lipstick

I am obsessed with this lipstick!  Mac described it as a 'clean pink orange' which is a fair description.  It's bold and bright-you can layer up the colour for massive impact or you can blot it down and add a clear gloss over for a more subtle effect.  Its a cremesheen formula which I find it be non drying and long lasting.  This is very much a wearable coral that always makes me smile!

5-Mac 239 brush

My favourite make up brushes are Mac and I tend to buy them from duty free when I am travelling.  I have 5 of these 239 brushes-for me they are the perfect brush to apply eyeshadow with.  They have quite a short stiff bristle which means its easy to blend and apply eyeshadow.  And because the brush is quite small it makes getting into small corners easy.  They wash brilliantly-every couple of weeks I wash my brushes in warm water with a mild shampoo and leave to dry.  This brush costs GBP19, but if looked after will last a lifetime.

6-Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder

As a rule, I am not a fan of mineral make up.  I don't like the effect mineral blushes have on your skin, I think they look very unnatural and shimmery.  I was introduced to this powder by one of the Mac make up artists at Dubai Mall whilst shopping for foundation and I love it.  I have used it every day in the morning since July and I'm still not seeing any pan at the bottom.  I find when I apply it over foundation with a kabuki brush it gives a very clean finish and makes your skin look perfect.  It doesn't have that unnatural 'shimmery' effect a lot of mineral make up does (especially from Mac).  I use it as a final step over foundation but I think if you have good skin this could be a one step product to even out your skin without having to apply foundation before.  Mac say it is low coverage and perfect for setting foundation or for touch ups during the day.  I agree.  It costs GBP21 and comes in 10 shades.

7-Cat make up bag

My friends will not be surprised to know I am sat here typing this in my cat print pj's!  I adore this make up bag because it looks like my little girl cat-Fizzy.  I got this from Selfridges here for GBP10.

This is Fizzy-she could be a model :)

What are your favourite products at the moment?



  1. LOVE! Batiste there is no other dry shampoo I care to try! Also, the pink champagne vaseline is £3.50 in all the places I have been! Trust Selfridges to be £5.00! Also love that eye brush- have to have the 217 and, um I THINK it is the 224- all three of them work so well together! XXXX

  2. Doll you are totally right, have just check on Selfridges website and it has been reduced to GBP3.49-bargain :-) xxx

  3. First off i love you have a blog. That it bright pink ! and that its about Make up and Beauty ! Love it almost as much as that cat make up bag. Gorgeous.
    And yes Fizzy should be a model. xxx

  4. Wow! Your batiste stash is amazing! Fizzy looks just like my cat Samantha! I call her a supermodel:)


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