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Loves and regrets: Shoes I've bought recently

The fact is, it's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes.  That's why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun-Carrie Bradshaw

I've gotten back into shoes recently.  Like in a big way.  Today I'm going to share with you some of my recent purchases in one condensed post and give you my honest thoughts on whether I think they've been a good buy-or not.

The Loves

Saint Laurent Lulu 70 Mules

I debated over these shoes for a long time.  I first saw them on Net A Porter but they were already sold out in the 70mm heel and then I saw them in Bloomingdales in Dubai but again they were out of stock.  But there is a lovely SA in Bloomingdales who sourced them for me from another store.  I needed to size up in these-I am usually a 38.5 but I went a full size up as they are quite short.  At first I was worried they were a bit chunky but I consulted my personal fashion stylist (ie Lis from Elisabeth Rilatt) and she told me to buy them-actually she never tells me not to buy anything!  My favourite thing about these shoes is the detailing on the heel-I veer more towards gold detailing over silver detailing these days and I love the Saint Laurent logo on each heel.

These shoes are immensely comfy and I wear mine mostly with jeans or a denim dress.  For me they fall into my casual wardrobe rather than something I would wear on a night out.

Saint Laurent have embedded this style into their permanent range but bring out new colour ways each season-this season there is a red and burgundy and a powder pink but I've also seen a metallic gold pair which are amazing.

Bottom line, these are the easiest and comfiest heel I have and I'm super pleased I took Lis's advice and purchased them.

Gianvito Rossi Plexi heel in 85mm

The Gianvito Rossi Plexi heel was a real impulse buy-one minute you're talking to your assistant about them in the office, the next you're in Harvey Nichols in Dubai buying not one but two pairs!  I went for the 85mm heel in black leather and nude suede and both are brilliant shoes for the office and don't break any pain barriers.  The way the shoe is cut makes your legs look longer and they're really flattering.  I'd love a pair in red matte leather and the metallic ones are also lovely.  The only slightly annoying thing is that you have to keep the plastic clean-I usually just wipe mine with a wet wipe
after wearing them.  I can definitely see me buying more of these in the future.

When I posted these on instagram people asked if the plastic was hard and cut into you but I can categorically say that it absolutely doesn't and it feels like any normal shoe.  They're also true to size but the SA recommended trying them because he said that there is a slight difference between the leather, patent and suede ones in sizing but I found 38.5 fit me in the leather and suede.

I also have to say I love shopping in the Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols shoe halls in Dubai-the staff are always really really helpful.

Louboutin Baila 85mm heels in Rosa/Light Gold (limited edition)

Be still my beating heart, I fricking adore these shoes.  Danielle my best friend hates them!  I was actually considering putting them into the 'regret' purchases purely because I was too scared to wear them because the ankle strap is quite delicate but I wore them to dinner with my friend last weekend and I absolutely loved them!  They're very statement with the fuchsia pink suede studded with gold spikes and the cork graffiti heel and gold ankle strap but I seriously love them.  And by some miracle, they're easy to walk in and dare I say comfortable??  I felt so confident and swanky in them and they pair perfectly with a simple black dress.  I don't think ankle straps are the most flattering on bigger girls like me but because the strap is gold it's less obvious on the skin than a darker coloured one would be.  These were a limited edition design and I picked mine up in Harrods (which has an amazing Louboutin boutique) in June.  I'm so so happy I did!

Chanel Escarpin heels

I'm utterly in love with these Chanel Escarpin heels with the pearl embedded into the heel and wear them for 'posh' days in the office.  The leather is so soft that it moulds to your feet and even at 85mm these shoes don't hurt by the end of the day.  I do have an office job so unless I am on a business trip my movement in the office is limited to walking to the printer, the bathroom or the kitchen but they were comfortable right from the first wear.  These shoes were purchased at Chanel in Cannes and I had wonderful service there.  I loved Cannes and so these are a fantastic reminder of that holiday.  Again these are true to my normal size.

Gucci Ace sneakers

I feel like I am gushing about all these shoes but I genuinely love them all!!  These Gucci trainers are just amazing-I love the pearl and spike detailing and the classic red/green Gucci stripe.  These were my favourite of all the various variations of the Ace sneaker line and they feel like clouds on your feet.  I bought mine from Selfridges in London in June and these are still available. I'm guessing these won't be to everyones taste but I am a sucker for spike or stud detailing on anything.

The Regrets

Louboutin Neoalto in Lame Sirene (limited edition)
Ok so I can't really comment on these shoes from a comfort point of view because I'm too scared to wear them lol and that is what is driving the feelings of regret!  These shoes are so so beautiful and I bought them to celebrate my 12th anniversary in Dubai.  They have a rose gold metallic diamond print embossed heel and the shoe itself is made of patterned mesh with pink gold accents, trimmed with metallic rose gold.  But they are so incredibly delicate and I'm worried my toes are going to burst right through the fragile mesh.  But I love them even though I do regret buying them.  I just need to build up the courage to wear them!  The Neoalto style is still available but this was a limited edition colour way.

Louboutin Decolette in black patent

My second regret purchase is another pair from Louboutin-because they're so god damn uncomfortable.  I also own the Pigalle style and they're pretty much the same!  And these are the lower heel height than the standard 100mm.  The Decolette are cut lower on the toe box than the Pigalle to show toe 'cleavage' but the toe box is also really narrow so they're not particularly comfortable.  The Decolette also has the narrowest heel across the range which I really like.  All my Louboutins are true to my normal 38.5 size.

I am sure I'll continue to wear these but probably only when I know I won't need to stand up for any length of time!  There is one pair of Louboutin pointy heels that are comfortable-the Iriza pump-they're the ones I can wear quite comfortably in the office all day and would be my recommendation if you do have slightly wider feet because of the cut out vamp on the inner size.

I'd love to know which shoes are your favourite?


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