Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tom Ford Cheek Color Blush in Love Lust

Tom Ford Cheek Color Blush in Love Lust

My least favourite reviews are those where I attempt to photograph me wearing the actual product.  And I am not talking lips for a Lip Six post but my actual whole moon shaped face.  30 'do I look casual enough' selfies later and I'm still not really happy with the finished photo.  And I feel a fraud if I add a bit of facetuning or a filter so here it is, lumps, bumps and all.  I'm so selling myself aren't I?

What I am reviewing though is good-even if it's something I own a ton of already.  But it's Tom Ford.  And that's a good enough reason to own it.

Tom Ford Cheek Color Blush in Love Lust is a peachy coral-something I am known for hoarding as my comparison swatches show below.  But I couldn't find an exact direct dupe (or stopped looking after pulling out 7 of my favourite peachy coral blushers).

You can see from the swatch that Love Lust is very pigmented.  It also has a slight shimmer to it, although it's not particulatly obvious on the cheek.  My initial thoughts were that is was a NARS Orgasm dupe but you can see below that the two shades are indeed quite different.

The formula is really lovely-there is no kick up of powder in the pan at all on the brush and you can be as subtle or as statemented as you like with this blush.  My only negative is that the lasting power isn't incredible and I do need to top up during the day.

The closest dupe I found was Laura Mercier Lush Nectarine which I have always loved and actually keep in my handbag because it's so dinky and easy to carry around.  The Tom Ford blushes retail at £48 (ouch just realised that) and the Laura Mercier for £20.50 and there isn't a huge difference in the formula.

Tom Ford Cheek Color Blush in Love Lust compaison swatches
Tom Ford Cheek Color Blush in Love Lust
Tom Ford Cheek Color Blush in Love Lust

Love Lust is the luxe option if you love your peachy corals.  As much as it's a great blush I can only really recommend you buy this if a) you love peachy corals b) you would wear it very often otherwise I just don't think the cost per usage is justifiable.


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