Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Anastasia Illuminators in Starlight and Riviera

Anastasia Illuminators in Starlight and Riviera

Highlighters.  Chocolate.  Shoes.  Handbags.  Cocktails that taste like pop.

All things I cannot resist.

I was totally on a no-buy because I literally have like so much make up.  No honestly I have.

Sarah totally encouraged me to buy these.  She wanted me to buy them all but I said no.  But no means yes right?  Cult Beauty then kindly emailed me to tell me they were in stock and curiosity got the better of me and before I could stop myself I had bought two.  Which is restrained as Sarah told me to buy all 4.

Anastasia Illuminators in Starlight and Riviera

I went for icy white gold Moonlight and rose gold Riviera which is probably more suited to darker skintones but it is so beautiful

Anastasia Illuminators in Starlight and Riviera

The packaging is very sturdy-almost to the point of being chunky to be honest but the pan inside is a beauty.  I really like the layered 'stepped' pattern.  When I first swatched them I was convinced these were dupes for the Becca Opal and Moonstone highlighers-they have the same incredibly complex shimmer that is only detected in bright sunlight that you get from the Becca.  But they're not really even close in shade-in fact done of my highlighters duped these two tones.  Moonstone from Becca is more yellow toned than Starlight and Opal is much more golden bronze than Riviera.  When the Becca tones weren't the match I thought they would be I started swatching more and more of my highlighters but nothing was an obvious dupe.

Anastasia Illuminators in Starlight and Riviera
Oops sorry about the typo!

Anastasia Illuminators in Starlight and Riviera

Starlight pulls quite gold on me which I was really surprised given the very silver look in the pan.  So if you have avoided this because of its apparent Tin Man-esque qualities you may find it to be much softer and prettier than you expect.  Riviera is more MAC Soft and Gentle-esque but it's slightly darker and more intense.  But it's not unwearable on my pale (NW15/Mont Blanc) skintone.  If I place it right at the top of my blusher so it blends a little with the blush it adds some serious glow.  I guess it's not for the fainthearted (if you prefer softer highlighters try MAC Soft and Gentle or Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Dreamy Glow) but it's not quite 'can you see my highlight from space'?  I'd wear it in the day-maybe not to the office but to a brunch or afternoon tea.  Starlight and Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder are quite similar but the Kevyn Aucoin is slightly more subtle and lighter.

Neither of the Anastasia highlighters are glittery but they are slightly metallic and shimmery.  I suggest a light hand and building up until you're comfortable with the effect.  They don't settle into pores and of the two, Starlight is the more subtle over its darker and rosier sister Riviera.  I'm definitely going to use these as eyeshadows too-especially Riviera.

I still don't think I need the other two but I am definitely very happy with the two I did buy and can see me reaching for them often.

My understanding is that these are limited edition but they're still in stock now at Cult Beauty for £28 each.  Are you tempted?

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