Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Givenchy Prismissime Euphoric Pink Lip and Cheek Palette-the review

Look at this palette.  Look at its absolute beauty.  Gorgeous isn't it!  It's like a pink toned rubic cube of prettiness.

But sadly the colours have left me cold and disappointed.

You see, looking at the swatches below I would totally buy this palette if I was reading this blog post.  Maybe it was bad lighting or a bad skin week, but when I tried them last week I just felt blah in all of them.

Well I guess not all of them-I really liked the top row of the palette.  Especially the colour top left.

The middle row made me look like death warmed up-they are very pastel toned and the middle row far right was so lilac toned I felt like Nicki Minaj and the colour just felt very unnatural on me.

Bottom row left was also ok on me but overall I can't help feeling disappointed with most of the shades.

Wear time was good and I found the shades weren't drying but really seemed to cling to any dry skin on your lips.

I wear every lipstick colour under the sun so I am quite surprised that I didn't absolutely adore this palette but something is just not doing it for me.

It is a hybrid palette and can be used on lips and cheeks but for me, cheek application would be a little bit too fiddly as each individual colour is quite small.

Maybe I was just having a blah week (I was having 'post birthday, hard week in Cairo blues' I think.  Maybe I will give it another go otherwise it'll be in my next blog sale.

Sorry some of the lip swatches are a little wonky-I have been trying to blog on my Microsoft Surface Pro rather than my MacBook Pro and I am still getting to grips with the photo storage system and windows again!

What do you think?

This is a limited edition palette, I bought mine from Sephora in Dubai but I found it on the Harrods
website for £44.50 and Barneys in the US for $67.



  1. Hello lovely. Well I think that that idea would be great for an MUA and is hygienic too because you can only really use a brush with it but for me it's just too much faff #blogsale xx

  2. Oh sorry you're not in love with this one. I passed on it because I knew I wouldn't use it much since I'm not a fan of cream palettes but have you tried mixing the colors? There are so many possibilities with these. :)

  3. Hello gorgeous! I always do a blog sale when I am coming back to the UK-so there'll be one in June-have been getting bits together. I just need to thin my make up out!! (To make room for new stuff....) xxx

  4. I think that youre right Clare, its just a little cool toned xxx

  5. The first one is gorgeous!!! Xxx

  6. Hi Josie, such a shame as its a beautiful palette xx

  7. Haha yes there is so much make up-seems to be my mission to try it all lol!! Xx

  8. I like the swatches just not the colour on my overall face!! Love that top left tho xxx

  9. Aww what a shame you didn't love this, it's so pretty to look at!

    Ps. when you next have a blog sale, I want at least all of it please :D xx

  10. I love the look of it in the palette but I get the feeling the majority would not suit me, too cool and too pink if you know what I mean. What a shame you are not loving it :(

  11. Ah, sorry this was a disappointment! I can see that many of the shades are quite similar and not as pigmented, but you're right- that first shade is absolutely stunning :)

  12. Stacey, from the lip swatches I would totally buy this palette too :) The top three look the best of the lot.

  13. Hey Stacey, sorry to hear you're not loving this! I can't wear the lighter shades on my lips, but on my cheeks they're more than fine! That way, I can use almost all the shades. But don't worry about it. There is so much makeup, and you can't love all of it equally!


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