Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Christmas candle edition

Merry Christmas lovelies!  I wasn't planning to blog today but was just checking my draft posts and found this and thought if I didn't post it today it would have to wait another 365 days!!

These are the candles I have been burning like mad in the run up to Christmas Day!

Twisted Peppermint is my favourite of the bunch! It smells so sweet and Christmassy-peppermint candy canes and mandarins, vanilla and sugar.

Merry Cookie is shortbread in a candle! 

Tis The Season is liked mulled cider and apple pie!  I love my sweet scents!

Cinnamon Frosting smells like walking into Cinnabon,  so sweet and warming!

Red Velvet Cupcake is exactly like my favourite cupcake, I couldn't resist snapping it up.

Mint Chocolate is a bit like After 8 mints-and who doesn't love those at Christmas!

And finally Frosted Gingerbread!  Gingerbread is one of my all time favourite scents, I just love it.  Slightly spicy and definitely warming, I have loved walking in our apartment when this has been burning. 

I really love Bath and Body Works Candles, I know you can't get them easily in the UK but if you visit the US or Dubai do pop into one of the stores and treat yourself.  The throw on them is incredible.

I hope you have had a wonderful day-surrounded by love and happiness.  I know I have and feel very blessed and lucky.

Lots of love


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